Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Arbus Capital Management takes a comprehensive, disciplined and low-cost approach to investing.

Investment advice is based on a complete picture of the client’s financial profile, including age, income, expenses, dependents, current investments, return requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax and legal considerations, and other unique circumstances.

Depending upon client needs, investment portfolios can be structured for either the medium or the long term. This disciplined investment strategy is not altered as the result of short-term market fluctuations, and no attempt is made to generate profits from market timing or other short-term trading strategies.

Client portfolios are primarily constructed from exchange traded funds (ETF’s) because of their low cost, breath of options, tax efficiency, and other superior investment characteristics.  Stocks, bonds, options, hedge funds, or other investment vehicles can be utilized if requested by the client or if required to implement a particular investment plan.

Before investing, all strategies and vehicles are fully explained.  Any questions or concerns are addressed to the satisfaction of the client.

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