Entrepreneurs / Executives

Entrepreneurs / Executives

If you are an entrepreneur, executive, board member or high-tech worker then you are familiar with the challenges of managing a substantial holding of stock or stock options in a single company.  We understand your situation. We have a background in high-tech and were one of the founders of a software company that was purchased in an all-stock transaction. Therefore, we are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the ups and downs of a concentrated stock position.

As a fee-only, SEC registered investment advisor and a CFA charterholder we can assist with you the following:

  • Determine when to exercise stock options
  • Manage restricted stock holdings
  • Attempt to mitigate the risk of a concentrated position through hedging or other methods
  • Invest external portfolio holdings, before and after a liquidity event, to increase diversification and reduce volatility
  • Strive for best execution when liquidating large blocks of company stock
  • Coordinated with compliance and legal departments to adhere to company trading restrictions
  • Ensure all required SEC paperwork is filed correctly (Form 4, Form 144, etc.)
  • Work with trusts and estates attorneys to develop gifting and generational transfer strategies to minimize taxation

Questions to Ask About Stock Options

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